At Alden Buffalo our focus has been to breed disease

free Buffalo of exceptional quality. We have been privileged to have

worked with these magnificent creatures, known as the Cape Buffalo,

since 2004. Our farm is nestled in the heart of the majestic

Waterberg in the Limpopo province, where the terrain is rugged

bushveld with very sour grazing.



Selecting for the right genotype and phenotype is key to producing quality. One of the impressive features of buffalo is their horns. While we do select for buffalo with good horn size and shape, we also aim to breed buffalo that are both functional and display the correct phenotype. Bulls need to be highly masculine and fertile as well as have the right conformation, while cows must be feminine, fertile and display the right female conformation for breeding.

Interestingly, we have found that some of our best progeny have come from crossing two very different genetic bloodlines. 

Bio security is of utmost priority on the farm. All the buffalo have been sourced from breeders with impeccable history of being free of the four diseases (TB, Brucelossis, Corridor and Foot & Mouth, all of which are tested for). The herd has been closed since 2011 with the only addition to it being the introduction of a new breeding bull.


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