Breeding Dams

At Alden buffalo we select quality cows that are feminine, fertile, have the correct female conformation, over-perform (i.e. produce equal or better than themselves), possess good temperament and have good horn shape and size.


Initially we sourced cows of East African genetics from Mike Englazakis, John Thorpe and Joggie Akkerman (co MW de Jager). In 2010 we chose to expand our genetic diversity in the herd.  We sourced Kruger genetics from Hunt Africa, as well as a few more East African cows out of the Karkloof herd.


Having this large diversity of genetics amongst our cows has allowed us to keep the herd closed since 2011 with the only new addition into the herd being our breeding bull Leonidas (introduced in July 2013).  This further helped with bio security.


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