Breeding Sires

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Kenyan Bull

At Alden Buffalo, we breed with single-sired herds to ensure only the selected sire covers the females. The breeding bulls that we use are selected for masculinity, correct male conformation, hyper fertility, and good horn shape and size. 


We are currently using three 50+" breeding bulls on three separate herds, namely: Leonidas (50 2/8”, East African), and two self-bred Kenyan Bull sons –Jelimo (51 6/8” @ 8y 1m) and Ngeny (53 3/8” @ 7y 7m).

Prior to these three bulls, we have used Kipketer (51”+, East African), the Kenyan Bull (46 5/8” East African)  and Juggernaut (43 ½” Madikwe).

Using new quality bulls on each successive generation gives rise to an accumulative legacy of excellent genetics. Multiple generations later, a single animal will possess all of the high-quality genetics from the previous breeding bulls.

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