Son of the Kenyan Bull crossed with Shakira originating from the Karkloof herd (East African buffalo from the Lisbon zoo mixed with a few Addo buffalo). Kipketer measured 50 1/2" RW at the age of 6 years and 11 months in October 2018, and subsequently introduced to a herd of 20 Leonidas (50 4/8") daughters in November 2018. Since being with the heifers he has grown to 51" (measured at 7 years 7 months in June 2019).

Kipketer 7 years 3 months_edited-1.jpg

After using Kipketer for a season we were delighted to share Kipketer's unique genetics and sell him to Pieter Bellingnan in August 2019. We wish Pieter all the greatest success by adding this magnificent bull to his breeding herds.

Kipketer is a highly masculine bull with excellent conformation and directional horn growth. Kipketer will add impetus to the legacy of the Kenyan bulls by adding his unique genetics into the herd. We are excited to see how he combines with the exceptional Leonidas heifers he is with.

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