Leonidas (Spartan warrior) is a magnificent 50 2/8” bull who was introduced into the herd in July 2013 as our new breeding bull. He was born to a wild Kwandwe cow originating from Pondwe Estates (Ben Barnard) . 

Leonidas is not only a 50"+ bull, he has also been an exceptional breeder. He has bred a consistently high percentage of above average quality progeny of both bulls and heifers.  

We remove his heifers when they are between 18 and 24 months old to avoid any possibility of Leonidas covering his own daughters, which would result in inbreeding. Likewise, young bulls are also removed when they are between 18 and 24 months old to ensure that only Leonidas covers the cows.


We are also excited to see what comes out of the next generation where the Kenyan bull sons of Ngeny (53 3/8"), Jelimo (51 6/8") and Kipketer (51", sold to Pieter Bellingan 2019) will be crossed with Leonidas daughters, and Leonidas will be crossed onto the heifers from the Kenyan Bull.

How Well Has He Bred? - Beginnings of the Leonidas Legacy


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